Hotel Business Plan – Sovereign Operations

In executing your hotel business plan we ensure optimum customer retention through our consistency in service delivery. The primary objective of every Sovereign Property is to ensure that guest expectations are not only met, but consistently exceeded.

The Sovereign operating standards (The Sovereign Way©) are in alignment with the latest in world trends. Once the hotel business plan standards are agreed with owners and adopted, they are then incorporated into operations. Through induction, training and continued service audits the operations standards are continuously measured against the agreed criteria. We also ensure that the competitive edge of our hotels will be maintained through continual measurement and improvement of our service delivery. This unique performance-based culture ensures our commitment and determined effort to ensuring that the properties we manage to achieve sustained success.

Through consistency, we are able to ensure customer retention, and this ensures profitability.

Sovereign’s ability to standardize specific items typically results in significant cost savings in operations. Group procurement ensures the savings and discounts received from suppliers are passed directly to hotel owners. All transactions in this regard will be done on an “arms-length” basis between the hotel and supplier, with Sovereign acting only as a facilitator.

hotel business plan

Through a self-disciplined approach to our goals, Sovereign is able to manage all areas of the business by identifying key issues needing attention. We adopt the policy of management by objectives.

Sovereign is committed to developing its people and promoting from within, wherever possible. Our experience shows that this approach ensures a high level of staff retention.