Sovereign CSI Programme

As responsible corporate citizens, Sovereign believes that we should play a meaningful role in the areas where we operate and to participate in programs that support and improve the quality of life in surrounding communities. Sovereign’s philosophy is about investing in people, investing in partnerships and investing in the communities in which we will operate.

Our defined corporate responsibilities are:

  • Consistently applying our core values, set out in The Sovereign Way©
  • Maximizing the positive impact of our operations on current and future generations
  • Integrating social, environmental and economic considerations into our core practices and decision-making

Our Corporate Social Investment objective is to promote the maintenance and development of a socio-economic environment conducive to real and sustained economic growth. Our aim is to contribute towards job creation, poverty alleviation and to support initiatives that offer people an opportunity to educate themselves.

Sovereign’s social investment spending will be focused within the following areas:

  • Education & training
  • Community development
  • Environmental management including education and conservation
  • Local community empowerment

One of our key CSI strategies will be to involve our hotel guests, suppliers and strategic partners in all our activities with a hands-on approach to our outreach programmes and community interaction. One other key factor for Sovereign is to empower the individual hotel management teams.