The Sovereign Management Team

You’ll have access to experienced marketing teams committed to take your hotel to the next level

At the heart of Sovereign, you will find a talented and highly experienced team who are deeply passionate about managing and marketing hotels and optimising the potential this offers to their owners, staff and guests.

“Hotel marketing is not an ad hoc arrangement but a profoundly thought-out process”, advises Martin Carberry. “It should be planned, sustained, dynamic, offer-oriented and evoke action that draws people to your hotel.”

At Sovereign you have access to people – who have a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. We believe that marketing should be strategic, systematic and measurable, not only building your brand but ensuring that there is a return on your marketing investment.

  • The process begins with a thorough analysis of your marketing process, identifying any “gaps” that need to be filled. The entire process is sales-driven since this is the key marketing objective you want to achieve.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive marketing audit and evaluation of your existing material, including websites, with suggested opportunities to improve effectiveness.
  • We can provide you with a new and dynamic corporate identity, including brand and logo. Alternatively we can tweak your existing brand image to update it so that you can capitalise on the goodwill of the past. We can also create specialised sub-brands for you – for instance for a hotel restaurant so that it can have its own identity.
  • You’ll receive a marketing plan created especially for your hotel which will, inter alia, allow you to capitalise on every seasonal opportunity.
  • We have high-level website design and coding skills. We create sites that are sophisticated yet easy to use, and which are designed to be sales-driven. We incorporate rich visual imagery, sparkling layouts and easy-to-use online booking functionality to encourage maximum sales.
  • We will create the entire spectrum of marketing and corporate material for you – including menus, annual reports, brochures, banners, videos, booklets and so on. These will be designed and written by some of South Africa’s most talented and experienced creative consultants.
  • We integrate social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Pinterest into the marketing mix to ensure maximum exposure, increased booking opportunities and relationship building capacity with your guests.
  • We can develop powerful viral promotions, competitions, promotional offers and the like, to drive traffic to your hotels.
  • We’ll create a stand-out presence for you at trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, road shows and through cooperative advertising efforts.
  • We’ll help ensure that people searching on the internet are driven to your website through a combination of SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques and PPC (pay per click) advertising using Google Adwords and Facebook.
  • We offer a professional PR service for everything from in-house promotions to major special events and launches.

Martin Carberry

Founder of Sovereign Hotels Management Services

Born in Kenya, Martin enjoys relationships across the African continent and has a passion for developing a truly world-class African hotel brand. He was part of the team responsible for the design and opening of The Grace in Rosebank, South Africa, which was voted the best small luxury hotel in the world during his tenure. He has been a director of Hyatt Hotels, amongst others.

Martin has served as Vice President – Development, of Lonrho Hotels, and Managing Director Moloko Hotels and Resorts, establishing the prestigious Athol Place and the Strathavon Hotel in Sandton.

Martin was instrumental in converting a derelict building in the Johannesburg CBD into the now famous Mapungubwe Hotel. He was part of the team that built Intercontinental Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, a prestigious five-star hotel. Martin brings with him a wealth experience in the fields of hospitality, operations, sales and marketing and is also a passionate chef.

Nick Fairbanks

Nick Fairbanks is responsible for New Builds and Turn-Around Projects of Sovereign Hotels.

His property, project and development knowledge, intertwined with in-depth operational experience and expertise across the Continent, has led to the development of a multitude of award winning properties across Africa.

From the intense Holiday Inn and Southern Sun grounding he received, where he finished top of his group, he excelled to driving home his own diverse footprint on multiple hospitality development and asset management sectors in Sub Saharan Africa over the last 25 years.

Nick has the innate ability to formulate and ensure the delivery of the substance of the brand to be established, from inception to the operational management of the hospitality asset.

He was instrumental in establishing Sovereign Hotels brand and operational standards at Swahili beach Resort Mombasa, culminating in achieving the “Best Beach Resort in East Africa”.